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Frecuencia cardíaca y pulso redefinidos con HeartGuardian. Monitoreo de la frecuencia cardiaca ultra preciso, herramientas para control del peso, IMC, azúcar y presión arterial. 

El control de tu frecuencia cardíaca se encuentra con la innovación en la App HeartGuardian. Tus pacientes podrán experimentar el futuro del seguimiento integral de la salud: monitoreo ultra preciso de la frecuencia cardiaca, acompañado de herramientas para supervisar el peso, IMC, azúcar en sangre y presión arterial. Nuestro diseño impulsado por precisión te coloca en el corazón de tu viaje de salud. Profundiza en gráficos intuitivos, recibe retroalimentación perspicaz y toma las riendas de tu bienestar. Mínimas distracciones y anuncios no intrusivos garantizan una experiencia de usuario fluida. Porque un tú más saludable e informado está a solo un toque con HeartGuardian.

Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Pulse Monitor
Pulse Rate App

Privacy Notice
This Privacy Notice outlines Our approach regarding the collection, utilization, and sharing of Your data when You access and use our Application. It also explains Your rights concerning your privacy and the legal frameworks safeguarding them.
Your Personal data helps us enhance the quality of our Service. When you engage with our Application, you consent to our handling of your information as described in this Privacy Notice.

Introduction to Privacy Policy:
This Privacy Policy governs the use of our application and underscores that it is not intended to serve as a medical application but rather as an informative platform. The inherent variations and constraints of different devices and phones may lead to potential inaccuracies in measurements. It is imperative to note that, in case of any uncertainties, users should seek guidance from a medical professional or promptly seek medical attention.

Terms and Clarifications
Overview on Your Data Management
Detailed Insight into Data Handling
GDPR Provisions
CCPA Guidelines
Online Tracking Practices per CalOPPA
Protecting Minors
Rights of California Residents (California Business and Professions Code Section 22581)
External Links
Modifications to this Privacy Notice
Reach Out to Us
Terms and Clarifications
Words starting with a capital letter in this notice are defined as follows:
Regardless of their plural or singular form, these definitions remain consistent.
For this Privacy Notice:
«You» indicates the person using the Application or the entity they represent.
Under GDPR, «You» may be termed as the Data Subject or User.
«Our Organization», «We», or «Our» points to Cloud X Tech LLC.
As per GDPR, Our Organization is the Data Custodian.
«Application» stands for our software, ‘Heart Rate’ ‘Heart Rate Monitor’, accessible by You.
«Affiliate» implies any entity under the control, controlling, or in a mutual control agreement with another entity.
«Account» means the unique profile set up for You to access the Service.
«Country» in this context, is the United States.
«Service Provider» denotes any person or entity processing data for the Organization. They might be third-party entities or individuals helping in delivering the Service, analyzing its usage, or related functions. In GDPR terms, they are Data Handlers.
«Third-party Social Media Platforms» pertains to any online service where Users can register or log in to avail the Service.
«Personal Data» encompasses information about an identified or potential individual.
«Device» refers to any electronic equipment used to access the Service.
«Usage Data» signifies automatically collected data, either from using the Service or its infrastructure.
«Do Not Track» is an online user tracking preference.
«Business», in CCPA context, points to Our Organization as the primary entity handling the personal data of Consumers.
«Consumer» under CCPA refers to a natural Californian resident.
Handling and Gathering Your Personal Data
Types of Data Gathered
Personal Information
We may require you to share identifiable details to communicate with or identify You, which includes but isn’t limited to:
Contact: Email, First & Last name, Phone number.
Security: Passwords or passcodes.
Demographic: Gender.
Health Profile: Weight, Height, Temperature, Menstrual cycle, Symptoms, Other related health metrics.
Usage Details: Captured automatically during Service interaction.
This data can comprise your Device’s IP address, browser specifics, visited Service pages, time stamps, device identifiers, and more.
Whenever you access the Service via a mobile gadget, we might collect specific information, including mobile device type, its IP address, operating system, browser type, device identifiers, and diagnostic data.
Third-party Social Media Services
You can create an account and log in to our Service via:

By using third-party platforms for registration, we might collect data associated with that particular account. This could include your name, email, activities, or contacts. Sharing additional data from your third-party account means you’re allowing us to use and store it in line with this Privacy Notice.
Your Agreement and Treatment of Your Personal Details
When you sign up or establish a profile with us:
You actively allow us to interact with your health-related data using our application, and this may involve synchronization with third-party platforms such as Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.
We utilize the data linked to your account for signing in, registering, and syncing with external services like Apple ID, Google accounts, and Facebook profiles.
Outside of the scenarios specified in this policy, third-party sharing of your details won’t happen.
How We Utilize Your Personal Details:
We employ your data to:
Offer, oversee, and enhance our service.
Administer user accounts.
Execute contracts, especially those related to services or goods you procure.
Send you emails, app notifications, or other electronic messages regarding service updates or other relevant info.
Share information about our other offerings similar to what you’ve previously shown interest in (unless you decline such communications).
Handle any inquiries or requests you direct towards us.
Circumstances of Sharing Your Data:
We might distribute your data:
With entities helping us in areas like advertising, payment processing, etc.
Amid corporate events like mergers, asset sales, etc.
With our affiliated entities.
With strategic partners offering special deals or promotions.
Publicly, especially when you interact in open forums or spaces within our platform.
Keeping Your Details:
We store your personal details only for the necessary duration in relation to the purposes stated herein.
Data related to user activity might be retained for a shorter or longer period based on specific needs.
Moving Your Personal Information:
Your details, including personal ones, may be processed both where our company operates and elsewhere, potentially in different jurisdictions with varied data protection norms.
Your agreeing to this policy and subsequently providing such details signifies your acceptance of these transfers.
Revealing Your Data:
We might have to disclose your details in situations like:
Corporate events such as mergers.
Legal requests by public bodies.
Other circumstances where necessary for legal, safety, or protective purposes.
Keeping Your Data Safe:
We employ numerous strategies, ranging from encryption to regular vulnerability checks, to ensure the safety of your details.
However, digital data transmission and storage isn’t foolproof, so complete security isn’t guaranteed.
Details Pertaining to Processing of Your Information:
Outside entities may only access your data to fulfill duties on our behalf and are committed to neither disclosing nor using it for unrelated purposes.
Data Analysis Tools
We might employ external service providers to observe and evaluate how our Service is utilized.
• Google’s Analysis Tool
Google’s Analysis Tool is a feature by Google that assesses and records web traffic. The information gathered is employed by Google to observe our Service’s utilization. Such details are then combined with other Google services. Additionally, Google can adapt the data to customize the ads within its ad network.
To exclude certain features of Google’s Analysis Tool, adjust your mobile device’s settings, like the advertising settings, or adhere to the guidance given by Google’s Privacy Policy: Google’s Privacy Policy Link
For a deeper insight into Google’s data practices, consider exploring: Google’s Privacy & Terms
Promotion Tools
To financially support and uphold our Service, we might employ service providers to display ads to you.
• Google’s Ad Features & Specific Cookies
Google, an external entity, deploys cookies to present ads within our Service. Google’s use of a specific cookie lets it and its affiliates tailor ads to our users derived from their interactions with our Service and other online platforms.
To exclude the use of this specific cookie for targeted ads, refer to: Google Ad Preferences
• Google’s Mobile Ad Service
This service is delivered by Google Inc.
To exclude yourself from Google’s Mobile Ad Service, follow Google’s guidance here: Google Ad Instructions
For understanding how Google manages the data, see: «How Google handles data with our partner platforms» or Google’s Privacy Policy
Tailored Re-advertising
Our company uses re-advertising tools to display ads on other platforms after your engagement with our Service. Both we and our external service providers deploy cookies to relay, fine-tune, and display ads anchored in your previous Service interactions.
• Google’s Advertising Service
This re-advertising tool is delivered by Google Inc.
For excluding Google’s Analytic Tool for Display Ads and adjusting the Google Display ads, explore: Google Ad Configurations
Google suggests adding the Google Analytics Exclusion Browser Extension – Browser Extension Link – to your browser. This extension allows users to stop their information from being accessed by Google’s Analytic Tool.
To know more about Google’s data practices, review: Google’s Privacy & Terms
• Twitter
This re-advertising feature is provided by Twitter Inc.
To exclude Twitter’s targeted ads, see: Twitter’s Guidance
To understand Twitter’s data practices and policies, refer to: Twitter’s Privacy Policy
• Facebook
Facebook’s re-advertising tool is given by Facebook Inc.
To know about Facebook’s targeted ads, explore: Facebook’s Ad Info
To exclude Facebook’s targeted ads, follow: Facebook’s Guidance
Facebook complies with the Online Behavioral Advertising Standards set by the Digital Advertising Alliance. Users can also exclude from Facebook and other members through the Digital Advertising Alliance in the USA, the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada or the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe, or by modifying mobile device preferences.
For comprehensive details on Facebook’s data practices, explore: Facebook’s Data Policy
Payment Processing
Within the Service, we might offer products or services for a fee. In such instances, we could employ third-party services to manage payment processing, such as payment processors.
Your payment card details won’t be stored or collected by us. This information will be directly provided to our third-party payment processors, who handle your personal information according to their Privacy Policy. These processors follow PCI-DSS standards set by the PCI Security Standards Council, a collaboration among brands like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. These standards ensure the secure handling of payment details.
• Apple Store In-App Payments
Check their Privacy Policy at https://www.apple.com/legal/privacy/en-ww/
• Google Play In-App Payments
Refer to their Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/
• PayPal
See their Privacy Policy at https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full
• PayPal
View their Privacy Policy at https://www.braintreepayments.com/legal/braintree-privacy-policy
• WeChat
Examine their Privacy Policy at https://www.wechat.com/en/privacy_policy.html
• Alipay
Review their Privacy Policy at https://render.alipay.com/p/f/agreementpages/alipayglobalprivacypolicy.html
When using our Service to make payments via bank transfer, we may request information to facilitate the transaction and verify your identity.
GDPR Privacy
Basis for Processing Personal Data under GDPR
We process Personal Data under these conditions:
Consent: Processing Personal Data is based on your consent for specific purposes.
Contract Performance: Personal Data is necessary to fulfill an agreement with you or for pre-contractual obligations.
Legal Obligations: Processing Personal Data is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.
Vital Interests: Processing Personal Data is vital to protect your or another person’s interests.
Public Interests: Processing Personal Data aligns with tasks in the public interest or official authority.
Legitimate Interests: Processing Personal Data is necessary for our legitimate interests.
We can clarify the specific legal basis and whether providing Personal Data is statutory, contractual, or a requirement to initiate a contract.
Your GDPR Rights
We ensure the confidentiality of your Personal Data and support your rights.
Under this Privacy Policy and EU law:
Access: Request to access, update, or delete your Personal Data. If you can’t, contact us for assistance.
Correction: Request to correct incomplete or inaccurate Personal Data.
Objection: Object to processing based on legitimate interests, including direct marketing.
Erasure: Ask to delete or remove Personal Data without valid reasons.
Data Transfer: Obtain your Personal Data in a machine-readable format.
Withdrawal: Withdraw consent to use Personal Data, affecting access to specific features.
Exercising GDPR Rights
Contact us to exercise your rights, with possible identity verification. We’ll respond promptly.
Complaints: Contact a Data Protection Authority about Personal Data collection/use.
CCPA Privacy
CCPA Rights
Under this Privacy Policy and California law:
Notice: Be informed of collected Personal Data categories and purposes.
Access/Request: Obtain disclosed Personal Data sent to third parties for direct marketing.
Opt Out: Stop Personal Data sale to third parties by following our «Do Not Sell My Personal Information» steps.
Know: Request information on Personal Data collected, sources, purpose, third parties, and specific pieces.
Delete: Request deletion of Personal Data collected within the past 12 months.
Non-Discrimination: Exercise rights without discriminatory consequences.
Exercising CCPA Rights
To exercise rights under CCPA, email or visit our «Do Not Sell My Personal Information» section.
Disclosure: We’ll provide info free within 45 days. Extending this time is reasonable with notice.
Do Not Sell My Personal Information
We don’t sell data, but partners (e.g., advertisers) might. Opt out using instructions provided.
Website: Opt out of personalized ads from Service Providers.
Mobile: Opt out of app data use for interest-based ads.
«Do Not Track» (CalOPPA): Set browser preferences for tracking.
Children’s Privacy
We don’t collect info from under-13s. Parents can contact us if data is provided unknowingly.
California Privacy Rights (Section 22581)
Californians under 18 can request content/info removal. Contact us.
Links to Other Websites
We’re not responsible for third-party sites. Review their Privacy Policies.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
We’ll update the Policy, notifying changes via email/notice. Review regularly.
Contact Us
Feel free to contact us at support@deepthought.industries for privacy concerns or information.