In every other aspect of life, technology is putting its profound roots. It is providing us with the new inventions very frequently, which are now becoming very essential parts of our life. Technology is making our life easy and also helping in saving several lives in danger. Over the years, technology has also revolutionized the healthcare industry. With the arrival of cloud computing, various aspects in the health care industry is on a verge of major positive changes.

At, we feel proud to be a part of this change. We provide the best cloud computing Software as a Service or SaaS for an effective Practice management Software.Software medico

The concept of cloud is real simple, it is a centralized server where you can store all your information or access any software you want without having to own it. It is a software on demand service which provides you the highly updated software with the advanced clinical management options. DriCloud is the best medical software practitioners in which you can get your own website, maintain your appointments with patients, send mails as reminder to the patients about their appointments. We also provide the most advanced prescription system in which a bar code prescription can be issued by you which can be configured automatically on the screen during patient visit.

DriCloud offers a comprehensive clinical management through which you can effectively control patients waiting time, schedule their appointments in real time, manage patient flow etc.

Gestion clinica

Gestion clinica

It increase your working area significantly and you can provide effective services to your existing patients by maintaining their proper clinical history online. DriCloud can provide the website as well as its effective marketing through the SEO which can increase the patient flow thereby increasing your revenue.

With DriCloud, you can easily secure all your data on cloud and access it according to your requirement. We provide you the maximum security and 24×7 support to you. You can adopt DriCloud according to your own specification with different user profiles. It is highly beneficial for you and saves you a lot of money as compared to a traditional server based software.

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