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DriCloud : The Best Clinical Management Cloud Computing Software

In every other aspect of life, technology is putting its profound roots. It is providing us with the new inventions very frequently, which are now becoming very essential parts of our life. Technology is making our life easy and also helping in saving several lives in danger. Over the years, technology has also revolutionized the healthcare industry. With the arrival of cloud computing, various aspects in the health care industry is on a verge of major positive changes.Continue reading


Cloud Based Electronic Medical Record. Manage your healthcare business effectively

The modern businesses across a broad range of industries have taken a quantum leap forward riding on the back of emerging technology solutions. One of the newest evolutions in the field of technology is cloud computing that has turned out to be a boon for the modern organizations. Cloud computing is a highly advanced computing model that empower organizations to pay only for the services and resources they require, thereby saving a large chunk of their money.

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Gestion clinica

Doctoralia Awards 2015

Ganador Doctoralia Awards en 2014 y otra vez en 2015

Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández Fernández, Neuropediatra

Utilizando DriCloud desde el año 2013

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Offering cutting-edge Electronic Health Record Software in the Cloud

The modern technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years and has completely revolutionized the way people live and work. Certainly, the latest technology solutions have made a significant positive impact on the way how modern businesses offer serve the customers. Be it Electronic Industry, Food and Beverages, IT industry or any other industry, the professionals look for ways to harness the power of technology solutions to outperform the competition.Continue reading

Historia Clinica Electronica

Puntos esenciales de marketing digital para la gestión de su clínica.

Podemos resumir el marketing para clinicas como el conjunto de acciones que realizamos online para la consecución de unos objetivos que nos hemos fijado, y Kotler, el padre del marketing moderno, lo definía así:

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Software consultorio medico DriCloud gestiona más de 2.600.000 pacientes en 14 países

El software consultorio medico DriCloud es sinónimo de calidad, seguridad, accesibilidad, productividad y éxito profesional. Y es que no cabe duda alguna, el software medico DriCloud solamente aporta ventajas al menor coste para el bolsillo de los profesionales médicos y centros de salud.

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